Complete Termite Control Servicves in Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, Sumter, and surrounding counties

Since 1992, Balogh's Pest control has provided Hernando, Pasco, Sumter, and surrounding counties with commercial and residential termite control services. Our team takes pride in our work. We are here to help you eliminate those termites before they cause severe damage to your home or property.
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Termites are often referred to as the "silent destroyer" because they usually go unnoticed for long lengths of time without causing obvious damage to your property. Termites consume the same things found in the building materials in just about every home, no matter the construction type. So, many homeowners and landlords are unaware of the damage until it is too late.

Allow our team to investigate, examine, and ultimately eliminate your termite problem before you incur costly home repairs.
We can help with the following services:
  • Tent Fumigation for Drywood Termites
  • Drywood Spot Treatments
  • Subterranean Treatments
  • Pre-Construction Treatments
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Commercial and Residential Termite Control

Official TERMIDOR® Pest Control Provider in Hernando, Pasco, Sumter, and surrounding counties

America's first 100% termite solution

Termidor is a new type of termite control that for over 5 years has faced the stiffest test that both US and foreign researchers could throw at it.

Without exception, Termidor passed with flying colors. In fact, no other termiticide in history has consistently returned '100% effective' results whenever and wherever it was used.

For you, '100% effective' means that you can now choose a termiticide that not only eliminates termites from your home or business for at least the next 5 years. It also gives you 100% peace of mind.
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The most tested termite solution in history

Before Termidor was made available to American homeowners through Termidor-certified professional pest management firms, it was subject to some of the toughest tests in history. For almost 6 years, grueling USDA-Forest Service ground board and concrete slab trials in Florida, Arizona, Mississippi and South Carolina tested Termidor every which way. At every single application rate and at every last location, Termidor proved 100% effective. No exceptions. No excuses.

Equally stringent Japanese research 7 year tests involved the formidable Formosan termite. Didn't make any difference. Termidor again proved 100% effective. There were no exceptions, and among the termites, no survivors.

Ok, but how about real trials in real homes? Since 1997, more than 100 single family swellings and apartments from New York and Texas to Florida and Hawaii were treated with Termidor.

These homes varied widely in size, structure, climatic zone and soil type. The results? You guessed it. 100% control of termites was verified in every case. All within 3 months of application.
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